Книги История НЛП The Origins of Neuro Linguistic Programming

не совсем объективная версия ИСТОРИИ НЛП  (читать on-line (ENG))

Contents: RB12

Prologue: A Suggestion to the Reader (Carmen Bostic-St. Clair)
Introduction: Refections on Te Origins of Neuro-Linguistic
Programming (John Grinder)
Te Fundamental Strategy

Part 1
Chapter 1: Lots of “Times,” Some Easy, Some Fun, Some Hard (R. Frank Pucelik)
Chapter 2: My Road to NLP (Terry McClendon)
Chapter 3: Te Early Days of NLP (Judith DeLozier)
Chapter 4: Youth Services in Santa Cruz: Te First NLP Community
Chapter 5: My Parts Party: Early Dissociated State Terapy (Byron Lewis)

Part 2
Introduction to Part 2 (John Grinder)
Chapter 6: Te Middle of Know Where: My Early Days in NLP (Stephen Gilligan)
Chapter 7: Commentary on “Te Middle of Know Where” (John Grinder)
Chapter 8: “It’s a Fresh Wind that Blows against the Empire” (James Eicher)
Chapter 9: Commentary on “It’s a Fresh Wind that Blows against the Empire” (John Grinder)
Chapter 10: My Early History with NLP (Robert Dilts)
Chapter 11: “Te Answer, My Friend, is Blowin’ in the Wind” (John Grinder)
Epilogue (Carmen Bostic-St. Clair)

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