Книги Cognitive Patterns of Jesus of Nazareth: Tools of The Spirit.

Cognitive Patterns of Jesus of Nazareth: (читать on-line [Eng])
Tools of The Spirit

R. Dilts


A. Principles of NLP
B. Basic Principles and Structures of Modeling
C. Levels of Modeling
D. Source Material for the Study

Part I: Exploring the Mind of Jesus

I. Some Basic Elements of Human Experience
A. The Nervous System
1. Representational Systems
2. Synesthesia – Overlap Between the Senses
B. Language
C. Cognitive Strategies

II. A Neuro-Linguistic Analysis of Jesus’ Language Рг
A. General Analysis of Jesus’ Predicates
B. Micro Analysis of Jesus’ Predicates in Context
1. The Word
2. The Heart
3. The Light
4. The Spirit and The Life

III. Analysis of Jesus’ Accessing Cues
IV. Jesus’ Macro Strategy
V. Summary of Jesus’ Cognitive Patterns

Part II: Implementing Jesus’ Cognitive Patterns 

I. Operationalizing the Integration of Long Term and Short Term Goals 
Exercise: Integrating Time Frames
An NLP Interpretation of The Sign of the Cross

II. Operationalizing the Great Commandments
A. Aligning Neuro-Logical Levels: Implementing the
First Commandment
Transcript: Demonstration of the Logical Level Alignment Process
Summary of the Logical Level Alignment Process
B. Logical Level Co-Alignment Process
Summary of Logical Level Co-Alignment Process

III. Taking Multiple perceptual Positions – Loving Your Neighbor
As Yourself
The Meta Mirror
Transcript: Demonstration of The Meta-Mirror
Summary of the Meta Mirror Process
‘Mind of The Heart’ Exercise

IV. Summary of Implementation Strategies 
The Resonance Pattern
Transcript: Demonstration of the Resonance Pattern
Summary of the Resonance Pattern
Neural Network Analogy

V. Conclusion
Appendix A: Overview of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

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