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Today I want to do something a little bit different.In Neuro-Linguistic programming the foundation of the entire field is based on a simple notion.Long time ago I when I was doing hypnosis, I, suddenly dorned on me that, if you could hypnotise people and get them to do things that they couldn’t do normally what what was going on? And, and, I started thinking about it in a much broder sense, because there were many people who very talented at certain things. And, NLP gives you the ability to ask very precise questions about consciousness. And, it started out with spelling. There were kids that that could spell and kids that couldn’t spell. I happen to be one of the once that had no idea how to spell most words. Because they told me that you should spell them (up) phonetically. And you can’t even spell phonetics phonetically. That its comes out p-ho-nics.And this morning on television there was one of the politicians here locally announcing how they had to go back to using phonetics as foundation of learning to read. And unfortunatelly in English most words aren’t really that phonetic. Words like caught. Are realy cu-nd-ght.That we have silent letters and long vowels and all kinds of strange things that sound more like a hypnotic induction than anything else. Now it went further than that. I think alot of my teachers were actually a very vicious hypnotists. That they did things to me. For example  when I was, I was in a fourth grade. They came and they handed me a little plastic flute about this big. And a piece of shit music. And, and on shit music was a wonderful song called ‘Yankee doodle dandy’. Not one of my favourites. And they said, ‘this is a, this is every good boy does fine and the spaces were face and’, and I didn’t even know what they were talking about.  And they said learn to play this song. And I went home and I blew in a thing and it sounded horrible. So I didn’t do it. Then the day before we were supposed to be tested on it. I, I try-ded, I tried to remember the song, I went let’s see it’s Yankee Doodle something or other and I went (звуки игры).  And I took it and I went into the class and all this kids went (звуки игры). And I went (звуки игры). And they looked at me and they said ‘You are not musical’, took my flute away, said I couldn’t be in a band and said you’d never learn to play music. Now since then I’ve written an equivavelnt of over thirty-five symphonies. And the musics on the you know the ‘Personal Enhancement’ series, and all of those hypnosis tapes. And all kinds of other things. I’ve written a music for television commercial when I worked for ad agencies. I scored a whole symphony with orcherstra. So they weren’t exactly right.  But then […] stubborn.  They also did something else to me. They, they took me in a art class.  I got in trouble in one class so they pulled me out of class and they said the only thing I can do was art. So they stuck me in a art class because I got in a fight with a teacher, I was a bad boy. And the art teacher stuck a fruit ball on a table. And she said to, she said, she said everyone is going to draw a fruit ball. And they handed us these…  I don’t know, they were they were colored cranes or something  and, and I drew something that looked like somebody sneezed color onto the paper. The guy next to me drew something that looked like a photograph.  And I kept looking at it going […] how’s he doing this, you know. And he was like doo-doo-doo-doo [напевает и изображает размахи кисточкой] shading everything. And the teacher came up and took it, and she shook her head and looked at me disgustingly. She said wooooo [мотает головой]. You’re not artistic!  And I went ‘not artistic’ [качает головой]. When I was 29 years old roughly walking down the street of New York.  I was staying at the Barbason Plasa. And my wife and I were walking down the street. And we walked in front of an art store. And my wife said to me, she said ‘Uh! Let’s get some stuff and paint’.  And I looked at her and went ‘I am not artistic’.  And she went ‘That’s crazy! You do everything! Why wouldn’t you be artistic?’. ‘I’m not, I can’t, I’m not artistic’. Suddenly I went ‘This sounds more like a post-hypnotic suggestion than reality!’. So she bought a bunch of art supplies, took me up in a room. And she took pastels and said ‘Just draw!’. And I looked at the paper and went [гримасничает]. Look at her and went [гримасничает]. She said ‘Draw!’. And I went [гримасничает]. And she took the, rip the stuff of the side and just took it went nyeeeeee! like that and then she pull out this can of stuff and went tssssssss! And I went Suddenly I felt like drawing!  Now, as it turns out… Then I came to London and I was, I was sitting on the Thames, and there were this guy, sitting on the Themes. And he was drawing the buildings on the other side and the trees. And I mean it was very detailed and even the lighting was the same and the shadows and everything and I was looking at it like this. And I said to him I said ‘I don’t get it. How do you get the picture that across the river on the canvas?’ And he looked at me his pupils dilated like every deep trance subject I ever worked with and he went ‘I don’t!’. And I went ‘Well, isn’t that you sitting here?’. And he went ‘Well, it’s not like that’, he said ‘What I do is see that big hand in the sky’. And I went ‘right’. I said ‘Are you on something?’. And he went ‘Nah, not right now!’. Then he said ‘The hand in the sky is got the same ??? color that I have’. And he goes ‘The way I get color is I mix together colors because it pretty simple’. You start with 3 colors and you mix them together and you pretty much all the others[?]. And unless you like me and you cheat. Cause I found ways of cheating. I use my wife’s make-up. Till I found out my first drawing with it cost me 775 dollars. So I must state that cost me alot. Because I, I had to go buy new stuff. And that’s when you go to the make up store and you’re guy and you go in and go ‘I need this but I need it slightly darker’. And they always look at you and they go ‘No, this will match your skin just fine’. And you go ‘IT’S NOT FOR ME!’ And they go ‘It’s San-Francisco, you don’t have to worry about that’. But what happened was is that the guy described to me in detail how is the hand in the sky moves there is wire that comes out of the sky down to this hand and as this hand moves, this hand matches it. Now suddenly in an instance something inside my head went ‘Uuuuuh!’. It was the same expirience I had when I found out good spellers make pictures of the words. Because, you know, I tried to make pictures of the words but I make them on the back of my hand. They called that cheating. Making pictures in your head is not cheating. Now if you gonna spell words like the word ‘caught’ you can’t sound it out. But if you make a picture of it and you copy it down. Now I took a bunch of learning disabled children. Actually, I think they were teaching disabled. That’s my theory. My theory is that if you don’t tell people how to do something they won’t know how to. nd instead of teaching them phonetics, I took all the worse spellers on the fifth grade and I set them down and I said ‘You know why you’re here?’. ‘Oh yeah, ’cause we’re stupid!’. Now, I said ‘Yep’.  But not as stupid as me. So since you’re stupid you have to learn to cheat and not get caught. And they looked at me and went ‘What?’. And I said let me show you how it’s done. So I held up the word ‘color’. And I had the c red, and the o green, and the l blue, and the next zero oh I had something pink or something, and the r was a different color. And because you guys don’t even color the same way we do. You guys are going ‘Where is the u?’. And I go ‘It’s in England!’. But then I held it up and I said ‘Now make a picture of this word in your mind!’. And I said ‘What color is the l?’. The only way you can answer that is with a remembered image.  Because as soon as they started doing it that way then I show them all the words on their spelling test. They made pictures of them. And hid them in their mind. They all went ‘PHEHEHEHE’. They went in and took their spelling tests and every single one of them got 100 percent.So I was fired for doing Satanic writes. I’m not even making that up. It would never dorned on me. But teacher came in and she said, she said ‘What are you doing to this children?’. And I said ‘Well, I’m teaching them what it really means to memorize’. Pictures. And she looked at me and she said, she said ‘Are you a Christian?’. And I said ‘No, thanks. I had one last night, it was tasty’. And she said to me, she said ‘If you’re not a Christian, you have to be a Satanist’. Which pretty much alleviates alot of relegions if you think about it. You know. I tried to explain to her that my grandfather told me I should be a Zen Buddhist. And he was, it was Jewish originally. But Zen something happened. And, and I said, you know, Zen sometimes you have problems, and Zen sometimes you don’t. And what happened was is for me. Once I got this then I went back to my room at the Saway[?] Hotel, broke out all kind of paints and stuff, that’s why I’m not allowed to stay at the Saway Hotel anymore. And I began to do the same thing he told me about. And what happened is in an instant I putting a new idea inside my mind. Now let me ask you, how many of you absolutely believe that you have no artistic ability. No drawing, period.  [Люди поднимают руки]. Are you sure? [Неск. рук опустилось]. I like it, three hands dropped down. No, I’ve a problem with certainty as well as with art.


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