Демонстрации M.Erickson: Трансовая индукция (1)

Well, Monde, this time, I’d like to have you take your time about going into a trance. I don’t want you to go into a trance too soon. And you know how easy it is for you. (E turns to N) And while Nick is here, I’d like to have you watch how Monde’s face. And your uncon­scious mind will learn a great deal. So turn and look so you can see her. (E turns to M) Not quite that fast, Monde. Let’s have a little talk first, ’cause in the trance I will want you to do something of importance for you. And just for you And just waiting. And you know why I’m waiting for That’s right. (M’s face flattens) That’s right.

All the way shut. (M’s eyes close) Now go deeply into trance, so that your unconscious can deal with that vast store of memories that you have. And I’d like to have you feel very comfort­able. And while you’re in the trance, I would like to have you feel the coolness, not too cold, but just cool­ness—just enough coolness so that you might want it to get just a bit warmer. Now, while you go deeper and deeper in­to the trance, it is as if you’re traveling a highway, passing this scene, that scene, in your life. And perhaps some­thing very nice that you could recall that you haven’t thought about for years. And I think it’d be most interesting if you would find some childhood, infantile memory that you haven’t thought of for years—such as the time when you dis­covered you could stand up and the en­tire world looked dif­ferent. The world suddenly takes on a wonderful look when you stand up and are no longer creeping. And, older, you bent over and looked at the world from between your legs, so you would have another view of this world look, that you looked at and found so Interesting. I would like to have you single out some one thing that you could talk to me about, that you could talk to strangers about, that you could share. Something very pleas­ing, very charming. And just as you’re spreading a feeling of cool comfort, you can spread a feeling of warmth and comfort over your experi­ences, ’cause they do radiate. Now you remember watching Nick’s (hus­band) hands lift up­ward. I wonder if you know which of your hands is going to move up toward your face? .. . And I have that doubt, it’s going to lift and move rapidly, up to­ward your face. You’re just beginning to know which one it is, since you’re not going to be too sure until it’s off your thigh. Up it comes. Faster. And faster. (M’s left hand and forearm lift slightly) Now you know. And it’s pleas­ing to know. And it’s something like that feeling—up toward your face-that feeling when once before in your infancy you discover­ed your hand belong­ed to you. And a nice thing to learn—op toward your face. And your uncon­scious is showing that jerky movement, because your uncon­scious has allowed your conscious mind to use fluid move­ment; and your unconscious does it in this more or less reflex-like way. (M’s left hand and forearm continue to lift slowly) And sooner or later, I don’t know just when, you will be wondering about something that you would like to see. I don’t know if you can open your eyes and see it; maybe you’ll see it with your eyes closed. A something you have not seen for a long time that pleased you then, and which you have forgotten about. I talked with a young woman the other night and she’s know what that good feeling was. She was holding her dog, and that was before she went to school. And some of the hopes that you had (E applies slight upward pressure to the sides of Monde’s right wrist) in your child­hood. (M’s right hand and forearm lift) And going to touch your face; and when it touches your face you won’t be able to keep your left, your right hand in that position. You can’t put it down now, your left hand has to touch your face first . . .Up it goes. Now you and I can be all alone here. That’s alright. And I can talk to anybody I wish. (Turns to Nick) And Nick, I don’t want you to go into a trance just yet. But your unconscious mind is learning a great deal right now; only you don’t know just what it is leanving. I’ll tell you one of the things you’re learn­ing. And that is that your left hand is beginning to lift without your intention. And now your eyelids are showing you diffi­culty, and your face Is smoothing out.
(Turns to Monde) And while I’ve been talking elsewhere, Monde, you’ve been going deeper and deeper asleep. And now let’s get that left hand up to your face so that your right hand can go down.
Closer and closer. It’s only about three inches; two and three quarters. (M smiles) That’s right, you en­joy that. And it can come to you as a surprise when your right hand knows before you do just when your face is touched by your left hand. Closer and closer. And maybe you can do a bit of cheating, only you don’t know what I mean. That’s right, you’re begin­ning the cheating. Only you don’t know what I mean; but your unconscious does, and I’ll identify it for you. You’re moving your head so slightly downward to meet your hand. (M smiles) And I hope you enjoy it as much as I wish.
And you probably will enjoy it more than I can know. How’s it going to culminate: your head going to move down and touch your hand, your hand going to move up and touch your face? You really don’t know, but you’re going to find out. Now which is it going to be? Now you thought for a moment it’d be your hand. Still thinking it’s your hand— and when it touches, your right hand will drop. (M’s left hand and face touch; her right hand returns to her thigh) And very deeply. Now somewhere out of the past you’ll come upon a happy scene And I want you to visualize it. A happy scene. And just reach in and take it and bring it forth. You don’t have to have everything, just the happiness. Let’s see if you can open your eyes a little bit, and be alone with me. And where we are isn’t important. (M partially opens her eyes) You remember last time—you knew that you were seeing everything.
But you saw that vide­otaping, a scene that you didn’t remem­ber— how Herb held up a sign for me to read; and you didn’t see it at all. And I want your atten­tion just on me, while you sense and see that scene from the past. Your head will move back so you can look at me. (M’s head moves upward and backward, her eyes open fully and gaze toward E, and her left hand remains elevat­ed near her face) And you’re going to go through a learning experience, and see just me. And that’s ail. You hear my voice. And now will come to your mind some very nice, happy experience out of your childhood.
And I tell you to describe it.
M: Splashing in the water.
E: Splashing in the water?
M: A lake.
E: Tell me more about it.
M: I’m doing so with total abandon­ment.
E: You what?
M: I’m playing with total abandon­ment.
E: A total abandon­ment. And where is the water? Or don’t you really know yet?
M: It’s a lake, not the ocean. And I’m very small.
E: Would you say you’re three feet tall? Or don’t you even know what three feet means?

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