Демонстрации Bandler: Weight Loss (Eng)

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You! Come on down!
No need to be nervous! (Ha, ha, ha, ha)
That’s the establishing rapport part. (Laughter)
Um. That’s alright! You don’t need to breathe anymore, I’ll take care of that for you.
Okay, come in a little closer now, move a bit closer, within striking distance . . . and just sit back and relax.
W e’ll let the rest of you . . . Um, for our general purposes here there’ll be What I’m going to do is Is not so important, and some o f you will understand some of it, and some of you won’t.
Um, I mean basically . . . basically what it boils down to, in a nutshell, is that everybody who . . . who’s ever tried to . . . to diet in any way, realizes that it’s hard.
And you know, it’s people that don’t have any problem dieting say it’s easy, right
I mean . . . like I have friends that, you know, they could go out, and eat everything in Orlando, right, and they would never gain a pound, and they always say that dieting is easy.
I don’t know why they do it, though. This has always surprised me.
But there is something that . . . that a friend of mine figured out, a guy named Don Wolfe.
H e’s a pretty good hypnotist.
He . . . he was a student of mine when I actually taught at the university, and really has concentrated on . . . on dealing with one thing, and that’s being able to do weight control in one day.
Now, when he first told me that I thought, “You got weight off in one day? You can only do that with an axe,” I said. “Just axe me any question and I’ll axe
you any answer.”
But the thing is that . . . is that, through allthe research that’s been done, doing things about controlling your metabolism to me are what I found to be the most important.
And then understanding the four basic principles of what . . . of how to eat in order to lose weight: you eat only fresh foods, period. Nothing packaged, nothing canned, nothing dried, only food that is fresh, and you don’t eat too much of it.
Now, when my friend told me the basic principles of this, I roared with laughter because they are so simple— and you eat at the right times, and you know when those are, and other than that, you feel full, and exercise a little.
I mean, you don’t have to go out and kill yourself, you know, walk a few blocks a day, you know, get up off your duff, and move around, you know, and the other thing is . . . is to be able to change your metabolism.
Now, he and I just recently got together, and rented a studio.
And w e’ve made a tape, that, that’s based on the fact that he does a group once a month, and bats .800 with weight control.
And he only sees people once and he sees diem in a group.
Now that’s a pretty good batting average.
And this is what he installs in people:
Now the only difference is, is there’s a difference in telling the conscious mind things, and dealing with the automated programs.
Because, you see, it’s one thing to say, “Only eat fresh food!”
And then when you walk by a candy counter and your brain goes “brrrhhrrrr,” like that, and all of your unconscious processes have automated the compulsion to eat other things, so that when that box of Godiva chocolates calls out to you . . .
What’s your first name again? (Millie)
Millie, when the box of Godiva chocolates calls out to you, Millie and goes: “Millie, you buy a box. You’ll only eat one . . . at a time . . . after each other.”
And when you walk through the house and the refrigerator calls out and goes: “Millie, there’s something in here, and it’s just for you, it’ll make you feel
See, to me like . . . my microwave talks to me- I’m not too schizy— I’m fascinated with it. I will cook anything in the microwave, I put towels, oranges, I’m just fascinated that it just goes rrrrrinnnnggggg and it’s hot.
I mean, I can’t get over these things.
How many of you have one of these things?
What is . . . I mean . . . I’ll stick anything in there.
I don’t care what it is, just to find out, especially when it said on the outside, “Do not place aluminum foil in here,” what’s the first thing Richard put in?
chk-a-chka-chka-chk-a . . . boy, talk about a light show.
I got one microwave just to cook aluminum foil in.
The one that’s built into the apartment I rented.
Beautiful light show, it’s great.
You turn all the lights out, throw a TV dinner in there, leave the aluminum foil on the top, and you get a light show and dinner!
Of course the microwave doesn’t last long, but then I bring it back and I go, “It’s broken— under warranty.” Ha ha ha ha!
Fools that you are giving me something under warranty.
Because I’m always afraid it’ll break after the warranty, so I make sure that it breaks before the warranty.
It’s like the thing they have when you rent cars where they go, you can take out the insurance and get to wreck the car— for free.
I think that is . . . if any of you have children you’re going to teach to drive, don’t use your own car, man, just give them one of those.
Take them out, and have them demolish the thing.
I mean, I just think that is one of the best deals, ever.
And it used to be six bucks, they upped it to ten . . . but for ten bucks you can go out and wreck a car, and I mean, you know, I think . . . I think the Avis people, when they first said … and I said, “You mean, you’re going to give me insurance and if I pay six bucks I don’t have to pay anything if I damage this car?”
And they’ll always look at you and go, “Yeah.”
So I used to take them out and just smack into poles and stuff.
I’d . . . I’d bring ’em back in there’d be nothing there but a chassis and doors kinda hanging only and they always go, “What happened?” and I’d go, “I don’t know, I parked in front of the 7-11 over there, and when I came out it was like this.”
Now, the thing about realizing what’s going on, is because, see, the . . . the car-rental people don’t think of it that way.
But if you realize that that’s a license to do what you want, then the thing that they’re counting on is that you have automated processes that say, “D on’t wreck this car!”
Right? It’s not in your nature to get into the car and say, “I’m going to wreck this car.”
Except every once in a while.
But you have automated processes that tell you to do things like not eat and follow those four prin . . . those four principles aren’t news to you, are they?
You eat fresh food, you eat at regular intervals, you exercise a little bit, and you eat stuff that’s good for you, and you don’t eat too much of it.
And you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that.
You have to be a rocket scientist to do it. Right!
Because rocket scientists have no conscious minds. It’s your conscious mi . . .
He, he, you can’t laugh, you have to leave the room, okay? Or you must go into trance, too.
Now what w e’re gonna do is w e’re gonna have a little talk with your unconscious.
Because, see, your unconscious knows how to control compulsions because you know what weight you would like to be, right?
Okay, now can you make a picture in your mind of where you would like to be, clear, focused, rich image;
Now, what I want you to do is to keep looking at that image;
I’ll tell you when to open your eyes. You’ll know You’ll have no doubt. You won’t need an interpreter.
Okay, and don’t be nervous, be terrified of not getting what you want.
Because if you don’t learn to control your own life and your own happiness, because it’s not just about whether you lose 10 pounds or gain 10 pounds, b it’s about at any moment in time changing your ability to make a decision and stick to it.
Because if you quit smoking, gain weight, then you start dieting and you smoke, you’re playing ping-pong with your life.
Now, if you want to smoke, smoke. If you want to eat and be fat, eat and be fat.
But if you don’t want to you shouldn’t have to, as soon as you learn to control the unconscious portions of your mind.
Because the behaviors you learned, you learned only because you were bom and grew up.
If you weren’t bom and you didn’t grow up you wouldn’t have problems.
But since you did, you learned to do things, everything from walking and talking, having speech and language, learning to make clear images in your mind, learning to read and write, learning to do a whole plethora of things; and some of them are so automatic, they’re as automatic as a handshake, and somebody walks up and extends their hand to you, your hand lifts up like that to shake their hand, and it doesn’t take any knowledge, no understanding to do it.
But your unconscious mind knows how to do it, in such a way that that learning stays with you for the rest o f your life.
Now, what I want you to do is to begin a new learning, a new understanding such that, at the unconscious level, you can begin to make changes that will
last and satisfy you and delight you.
I want your conscious mind now to begin to run memories of times and places where you’ve eaten right and dealt with food in an intelligent and a productive manner.
And keep those images, bits and pieces of past times that you haven’t learned, that haven’t stayed with you, yet, in just the way you want it’s and allow me to speak privately with parts of you that understand only the things that count.
Because what I want your unconscious to do is allow this hand to slowly go down, only at the rate that your other hand begins to lift up, involuntarily.
That’s right, very slowly now, and unconsciously, and no faster than your unconscious begins to make shifts that will stay with you for the rest of your life, that slowly begin to take that furnace inside and turn up the temperature and turn up the burning sensation and digestion of flood in such a way that while your health remains perfect, in fact, while you get healthier, you begin to dissipate unwanted fat.
Because your unconscious knows how to set a weight in the middle, so that you can float a little bit up, and way down from, and it has just set it somewhere that’s not satisfactory to you.
It’s now time to turn back the pages of time, and let your unconscious readjust the compulsions that are inside you, such that, when you look at food you know is not the best food for you to eat, your unconscious is going to say, “Not today.”
And when you start to eat at a time that you know is not the right time, your unconscious will send a message to you that will make you feel in your whole self, “Not now,” such that instead of your world revolving around a struggle with food, it begins to become more comfortable for you to make the decisions that are the right decisions that will begin to change your relationship to food, in such a way that as your compulsion to eat the wrong food diminishes, your pleasure and lust for life will increase proportionally, as your hands are moving now.
I want your left hand to slowly begin to feel attracted to your face, almost as if there’s a rubber band between your hand and your nose such that it grows stronger and stronger, but I want you to get stuck in the process.
I want it to be difficult, if not near-impossible, and I want you to begin to try in vain to touch your face.
And while that attraction grows stronger, and as strong as the attraction to what it is that you want to learn, want you to feel that struggle in your arm growing.
Because if that struggle grows and intensifies, I want your unconscious to make all the necessary adjustments for you at the unconscious level to begin to get exactly what you want, to change the feelings you have about food, and to change your metabolism in a way that allows you to keep your weight down to where you want to.
And as that struggle grows more and more intense, as the attraction grows stronger at the unconscious level, you’ll be making changes now, changes that will stay with you for the rest of your life.
And as that struggle intensifies, I want your hand to proceed up towards your face, at the rate that your unconscious has thoroughly made all the adjustments to allow you to have the choice that you want, and need, for yourself and no faster, that’s right, such that when your hand does touch your face in a moment, then, and only then, you’ll feel an explosion of confidence and vigor spread throughout your entire body,
Now, that’s right.
And enjoy that feeling, and realize that every time you make the right choice, you’re going to have that feeling, and it’s going to intensify and intensify and spread, and you’re going to enjoy the process because each good choice you make is going to feel that wonderful.
And it will take all the pleasures in your life and intensify them tenfold.
That’s right. There you go . . . Enjoying it more.
Because your unconscious leads you through life and controls your neurology in such a way, that to help you make choices, it doesn’t have the values about what choices are good or bad, but it’s always more than willing to cooperate.
Now your unconscious knows just how to spread this feeling; it can do it right now. There it comes.
And feel that feeling spread throughout your body, and know you’d rather feel good.
Now, your unconscious can remember a time when you felt so full, you couldn’t eat another bite.
And I want a memory such as that to fill you right now, so much so that you couldn’t think of eating another bite.
And I want your unconscious to give you this feeling every time you should stop eating.
And when you look at a plate of food at the beginning of a meal I want your conscious and unconscious mind to decide together how much of it you should eat.
And at the moment you have eaten that much, I want you to get this feeling of fullness and stop eating, and suddenly start feeling good, because the minute you make the right choice, that’s what happens.
That’s right, and that’s the power o f unconscious learning.
You’ve always really learned unconsciously.
When you learned the letters of the alphabet, you didn’t realize they make up a whole domain of reading and writing that will stay with you forever.
You didn’t realize how many ways you could use it.
But these are the building blocks of having the choices you want, knowing how to feel full, and knowing what happens if you make the right choice, now.
Your unconscious is learning a lot. That’s right.
And it’s showing you and convincing you how powerful that learning is.
So I want you to let your hand move away from your mouth for a change, that’s right, and that feels awfully good, doesn’t it?
Because each time your hand doesn’t go to your mouth, and you make that choice, you’re going to get that good feeling.
That’s right. You don’t need to smoke it, and you don’t need to swallow it, you just need to enjoy it— it’s Richard’s hedonistic way of changing the problem into a pleasant distraction—and to focus that energy on something that would be even more useful.
And I want you to drop, now, even deeper and deeper into a trance and let your unconscious be your guide, and show you the ways (waves) and you feel yourself float down a little bit, up a little bit, and while you continue to float down you’re learning even more, and your unconscious is now making changes to adjust your metabolic furnace to replace the feeling of hunger as necessary in the past, with a smaller amount of hunger only when it’s appropriate to eat, by taking all those extra feelings and turning them into wanton pleasure, and a desire to be more energetic, to walk up stairs and exercise in whatever way gives you the greatest pleasure, no matter what comes to mind.
That’s right. Burning calories at every moment, and while you drift down deeper I want your unconscious to realize it’s responsible and to take responsibility for making these changes last and stay with you.
Because the process of taking building blocks and making them into new compulsions, more useful ways of supplementing your behavior, and utilizing them in such a way to build a solid foundation for behaving in a way that satisfies you.
So I want you now to begin to see, off into your own future, tomorrow, two weeks from now, and I want you to see yourself sticking diligently to your diet, and then failing utterly in five days, and then going back on your diet, and then failing utterly once in two weeks
And then go six months into your future, and make another mistake, and then as you look into the future, you’ll realize the whole time you got thinner and thinner because instead o f going from one diet, to another, to another, you realize if you make a mistake you just go back, and continue.
And you don’t give yourself a bad time, you just realize that if it didn’t feel as good as it was supposed to, it’s not worth doing again.
Instead you go back to what really feels good and do it a lot more.
Now, I want your unconscious to take that feeling you had before, and multiply it by ten, just to remind you that when you see yourself in your mind in the future going back on your diet, I want to give you that good feeling, now— that’s right, there you go— and to realize how good it feels to know that you can make a mistake and enjoy fixing it.
There you go.
Because the process of learning doesn’t require perfection, only tenacity.
Now, what I want your unconscious mind to do is to slowly begin to involuntarily lift this hand up and to make all the adjustments and all the changes that it needs’ to guarantee that there will be no more waiting around for a solution to this problem.
That’s right, honest unconscious movement, and when your unconscious is thoroughly ready to take full responsibility for making sure that these changes are there in the days and weeks ahead, so that every right choice feels intense pleasure and every mistake will be inconsequential, and does not get dwelled upon.
Then, and only then, will your hand be once again touching your face.
But this time it will be empty and ready to feel good in a new way.
Now I want you to take your time so that your unconscious thoroughly does this with completeness and intensity, so that anytime in the future if it begins to become a problem, you just simply sit down in your chair and remember how to touch your face in just this way.
That’s right, there you go, and feel good.
Now, very slowly, at your own rate o f speed, I want you to realize that if I touch you like this, you can go right back into a trance anytime you need to, and, of course you know what this means.
That’s right. And remember it and use it wisely.
Now, take a few moments at your own rate of speed, and I want you to slowly float out of the trance so that I can speak to the rest of you, take your own time, there is no hurry, and feel yourself come up, (louder) alert, refreshed, and ready for lust, life.
Hello, how do you feel?
Millie: I feel great.
Richard: Good, I’m hungry now. How about you?
No? Well, life is like that sometimes, you just get it your way, and there is nothing you can do about it. What can I say? What do you all look so blurry-eyed for? I was talking to her.

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